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How Do I Know If I’m Ready to Marry?

A silhouette of a young man, down on one knee and holding a diamond engagement ring, proposing to his girlfriend.

How many bridesmaids will you have? What color-scheme do you want for your wedding? What will your wedding dress look like?

These are questions that many young women are ready to answer at any given moment—even if they’re not currently in a dating relationship. Little girls frequently dress up in their mother’s off-white veil and heels and perform weddings for their beloved Barbie and Ken dolls. Teenagers eye the cute guy across the pew and wonder if he might be the one they waltz down an aisle to. Young women mull over which song they’ll have their first dance to and what their wedding cake might taste like.

The thought of a future wedding brings anticipation and joy to the heart of most women, no matter their age. After all, it’s fun to plan an important event that you hope comes to pass. And when you’re in a committed relationship, the realization that you might get to experience that Big Day soon can be even more exciting.

It’s relatively easy to plan a wedding—but not quite as simple to know if you’re truly ready for marriage. Having the dress purchased and the honeymoon planned does not a marriage make. Whether you’re in a serious relationship or just hoping to get hitched in the future, here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine if you’re honestly ready for marriage.


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